Le plus grand choix de couteaux japonais en France
Le plus grand choix de couteaux japonais en France

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Berthier's Lyons knife shop

Berthier knife shop in Lyons

Lyons, a landmark for food lovers and knife addicts

Berthier's knife shop opened in Lyons in February 2021. Lyons used to be Gaul’s capital city and is now considered as the French gastronomic capital city. And if you love eating then you will love Lyons too. Indeed cuisine matters a lot there and many restaurants and famous food-related institutions have been settled there for a long time. There are many places for food lovers, from the famous bouchon lyonnais – typical restaurants from Lyons’ area – to gastronomic restaurants.

Our shop is located at 26, rue des Remparts d’Ainay in the second district of Lyons. We offer a wide range of kitchen knives and leisure knives for sale. In other words, you can find anything you need to get quality kitchen equipment for you to enjoy each and every moment you spend cooking or to spread joy and make wonderful gifts to your friends and family.

Craft knife lovers and people who prefer to trust famous brands such as Kai or Tojiro should find a Japanese knife to their liking. We display a wide selection of Japanese knives in our shop and on our website www.couteaujaponais.com.

Our shop is located at 26, rue des Remparts d'Ainay, second district of Lyons. We welcome you from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM and from 02:00 to 07:00 PM.

Phone: +33 (0)4 72 64 00 08

e-mail : berthier.lyon@gmail.com

Kitchen Knives
Japanese knives
Folding knives & leisure knives
Sharpening and servicing

How to find the perfect Japanese kitchen knife in Lyons?

Berthier's knife shop is the perfect place to find quality knives. A wide range of kitchen knives from the whole world is available. Our shop assistants are at your disposal to help you find the knife you need. Take profit on our advice and make your choice among a nice and thorough selection of kitchen knives. If you are looking for Japanese kitchen knives then you are in the right place. There are numerous kinds of Japanese knives with various blade shapes and edge types. The Japanese make very specific knives because they consider that every cutting demands specific blades and shapes to perform. Here is some explanation.

You love cooking but only with state-of-the-art equipment. As far as you are concerned a kitchen knife has got to be reliable, easy to use and to service. Here is something that might interest you.

You ought to take many parameters into account according to your food habits and your own preferences before you choose your kitchen knife.

  • How much are you ready to pay for it?
  • How often are you going to use your kitchen knife?
  • What type of steel do you want your knife to be equipped with?
  • Which blade shape do you want?
  • Which finish do you want?
  • What kind of handle do you want?

Efficient knives come from Japan.

You should be able to make your choice more easily if you have followed these steps carefully.

The price you are ready to pay may be as important as the knife itself. Japanese kitchen knives can be produced by big brands such as Tojiro, Kai or Tamahagane.

Click and discover a great selection of knives from Japanese knife brands.

We also display handmade Japanese kitchen knives. These knives are entirely made in Japan by gifted Japanese craftsmen; they made them from forging to finishing. Our experience as knife specialists allows us to build good relationships with many craftsmen whose knives are masterpieces to our eyes. Small Japanese cutlery factories also make very convincing tools and kitchen knives.

Click and see Japanese handmade knives.

Click and see knives from Japanese cutlery factories.

Knife lovers found their playfield eventually.

Berthier’s knife shop is made for you if you are looking for folding knives, leisure knives or pocket knives generally speaking. Handmade knives and industrial knives from all over the world are displayed in our shop. We have got many beautiful handmade artefacts we would be delighted to show you.

I would like to have my knives serviced in Lyons, is this the right place?

You can have your knives sharpened and serviced in our knife shop. And if you can’t come to our store then you can have your knives shipped to us and we will manage with everything. We sharpen and service your knives and ship them back to you – to the address you will provide us with.

If you are already able to sharpen your knives yourself perfectly then you might get interested in our knife sharpening items selection. We offer whetstones, leather strops, many accessories, automatic sharpeners and many other things for sale.

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