Le plus grand choix de couteaux japonais en France
Le plus grand choix de couteaux japonais en France

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Coutellerie Brestoise, a knife shop in Brest, Britanny.

The Coutellerie Brestoise knife shop is located in Brest, Brittany. This knife shop is now a part of our network of shops in France.

Our team is here to help you find the perfect knife whether you are looking for kitchen knives or leisure knives. We are true knife lovers and we want to provide you with the best equipment, whatever you might know about knives.

If you are looking for special knives and keen on any kind of cutlery, or if you are simply travelling in the region, come and discover our shop located at 40, rue de Siam in Brest city-centre.

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday (from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 02:00 to 07:00).

Phone: + 33 (0)9 64 02 42 60

Japanese knives in Brest, Brittany
How to choose a Japanese kitchen knife?
La Coutellerie Brestoise, a knife shop in Brest

Japanese kitchen knives are astounding cooking tools.

French chefs and their Western homologues who went to Japan in the 1990s came home with extraordinary Japanese kitchen knives. The story started in the Western world then and never ended. You couldn’t find more efficient tools.

As knife retailers we consider Japanese kitchen knives as the most efficient tools dedicated to food preparation as far as cutting is concerned. We willingly offer many blade shapes on sale designed by Japanese blacksmiths.

Japanese kitchen knives are now famous all around the world. Japanese steel is tough, it cuts perfectly, its mechanical endurance is astounding, the value for money of Japanese knives is hard to beat, they are well-conceived ergonomically speaking. All this puts together makes Japanese kitchen knives essential tools for any food lover, from demanding amateurs to catering professionals.

Japanese kitchen knives through the looking-glass.

The Japanese make exceptional kitchen knives and utensils, which can be considered as masterpieces. There are many blade shapes and edge types. This tradition dates back to the origins of Japanese blacksmithing. Centuries of reflection and improvement, of traditions and innovations until now, led to knives as they are made by the Japanese nowadays. The Japanese master perfectly the art of smithing, which allows them to make state-of-the-art knives.

And you must already know the result: every specific cutting method demands a specific blade shape. The Japanese make knives dedicated to any kind of food: meat, fish, vegetables, herbs, edible seaweed, etc. Cutting, slicing, mincing, filleting, you can do anything with Japanese kitchen knives.

Japanese kitchen knives are efficient tools that cut perfectly thanks to the toughness of Japanese steel.

  • Santoku knives are multipurpose tools. You can slice, chop or simply cut very efficiently and precisely with them.
  • Paring knives and petty knives are perfect for minute work: peeling, dicing, and any kinds of cutting.
  • Slicing knives - sujihiki in Japanese - are ideal tools for the preparation of fish. You might find them very useful for meat and vegetables processing too.

Provide you with the best equipment.

A large and extended knife selection is available in our knife shop and on our website www.couteaujaponais.com. You can find handmade knives as well as brand knives. We truly hope you might find a knife to your liking.

You can order your knives and have them shipped directly in your mailbox. We run many knife shops in France (Reims, Paris, Lyons… click and find the extensive list) come and visit us in one of our cutlery shops!

You can either ship us your knives or drop them in one of our knife shops in France to have them serviced and shipped back or you can also come and pick them in the knife shop you selected.

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