Le plus grand choix de couteaux japonais en France
Le plus grand choix de couteaux japonais en France

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Maison Berthier, a knife shop in Valence.

The Maison Berthier was established by Alphonse Berthier in 1820. It can be considered as one of the oldest French knife shops. When Alphonse Berthier launched his business he wanted to offer his customers quality knives and utensils for sale.

Berthier’s impetus endured two hundred years later and nowadays exceptional and unique knives are still to be found behind our shop windows. The Maison Berthier progressively specialised in rare knives and became famous for it in the Rhone Valley.

This success story could not last very long without the trust our patrons keep on granting us. We are very thankful to particulars and professionals, knife lovers and newcomers who trust us all year long.

Our knife shop is located at 33 avenue Victor Hugo, Valence, France. We welcome you from Monday to Saturday (from 09:00 to 12:30 AM and from 02:00 to 07:00 PM). 

Phone: +33 (0)4 75 44 28 50

email: maison.berthier@gmail.com

Exceptional knives
Customised service
Berthier's knives

Exceptional knives in an exceptional knife shop

Famous French craftsmen such as Fred Perrin, Tim Bernard or Joël Grandjean have been contributing to Maison Berthier's fame as a knife shop. French knife-making is particularly well represented with many brands such as Opinel. Knife addicts will be happy to find handmade knives and French traditional blade shapes such as Thiers or Laguiole to mention just a few of them.

International cutlery has been granted a good spot for the sake of knife loving. Knife addicts can find their favourite brands such as Böker, Fällkniven, Mcusta and many others alongside knives made by Manu Laplace from the Atelier 1515 or Nordic knives from Finland made by Kauhavan Puukkopaja.

Our patrons trust us for the quality of our service and of our products. Knife collectors have been following us with passion year by year because we have become a reference for rare knives and exceptional knives. We want to offer a personalised experience to each and every one of our patrons.

Provide you with a personalised service

The Maison Berthier pioneered the development of a shipping service for private customers. It started in 2007 (www.couteaux-berthier.com). Check the website and find your knife, order and pay on-line, choose your shipping address and get your parcel wherever you want. There is nothing really new about it but it was a revolution at that time.

The digital revolution made it possible for knives to be shipped throughout France and all around the world. Berthier is now famous in the Rhone Valley and beyond.

A servicing and sharpening knife service is available in Berthier’s shop. You can ship us your knives to have them sharpened and serviced or come directly to our shop and we will ship them back to the address you chose.

Berthier's knives will rock you

As knife specialists, we regularly release the latest news on our website www.couteaux-berthier.com. Original handmade knives, regional knives, knives from local manufacturers or brand knives, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or to subscribe to our newsletter to check our latest posts.

You can choose your knife according to specific criteria: blade shape, finishing, handle, price, and so on and so forth. We truly hope you will find the knife you have always been dreaming of on couteaux-berthier.com.

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